There’s no doubt that Mulry has writing chops, yet this book seems more obligatory for those following the series than anything. The story never addresses the heroine’s sexuality in a satisfactory way, and at times the dialogue feels rather unnatural and a little over the top. Granted, there are some steamy moments and some humorous wit, but the book is asking a lot for the average reader to swallow.

Self-proclaimed rebel in her royal family, Abigail Heyworth is known for resisting tradition. Moving on from a long-term lesbian relationship, she finds herself out-of-sorts when she realizes her attraction to wealthy businessman Eliot Cranbrook. Regardless of her past, Eliot believes that Abigail is the one for him and he’s determined to have her in his future. Things between them heat up rather quickly, but when Eliot confesses his true feelings, will doubts cause the royal rebel to hightail it? (SOURCEBOOKS, Feb., 336 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susannah Balch