Hitchcock makes her debut with a unique story featuring a murderess as the heroine. Nicolette Caron adores men and finds sex irresistible, but all her lovers die in her bed. She's always on the run and haunted by the men she loved.

Scotland Yard detective Jackson Lang is puzzled by the murders. Each man dies with a smile on his face and no evidence of violence. It appears to be the perfect crime, but he's determined to find the killer.

Then Nicolettte meets powerful, lecherous Lord Baston, who will stop at nothing to make her his mistress. Nicolettte's heart beats faster than a frightened rabbit's at the thought that he may be the only man powerful and wanton enough to break her "curse."

In most novels a nymphomaniac murderess and a libertine would be the villain. But Hitchcock's remarkable creative ability and first-person narrative turns Nicolette into a vulnerable heroine. Dark, unusual and fascinating, this novel is not for every reader. It's for those open to experimentation, who do not mind a tale where there is no clear-cut line between good and evil. Hitchcock breaks boundaries that leave her poised for stardom. SENSUAL (May, 355 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin