Maddie McCrory has a farm to run, an overdue mortgage to pay, four siblings and a drunkard father to care for. She does not need a dangerously handsome new neighbor who stirs her long-dormant desires!

Texan Chase Cumberland moved to Kansas for some much needed peace and privacy to breed his horses and start his own stud farm. He does not need a prickly, red-haired, sassy hoyden next door distracting him!

The two strike sparks off each other from the start, much to the town's amusement and their own chagrin. Unfortunately, they both have responsibilities that leave them little time to pursue intimacies, although a stolen kiss now and again keeps their passions churning, until a pompous suitor and a heavy-purse-winning horse race make them enemies and rivals.

But when Chase is arrested for murder and almost lynched, Maddie doesn't think twice and rushes to his rescue. But in order to save him, she must betray his darkest secret.

Ms. Kincaid comes out of the gate with another winner! She is a master of sexual tension and characterization. Readers are in for a delicious romance that satisfies right across the finish line. SENSUAL (Dec., 386 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria C. Ferrer