Beautiful daredevil Cass Jamison can't believe her luck when Lovely Cosmetics approaches her with the opportunity of a lifetime. The company hopes to boost sales by sponsoring the first female stockcar driver in the NASCAR circuit. Almost as thrilling as breaking into this male-dominated world is the chance to train under legendary driver Justin Steed.

Justin believes a woman doesn't have what it takes to compete, but his struggling ranch needs the money Lovely Cosmetics is waving under his nose. Justin fully expects Cass to obey his every command when it comes to racing; unfortunately she has her own ideas about how to win. When teacher and student go toe to toe, the sparks fly on the track and in the bedroom.

Although Racing Hearts is a sensual treat, the developing relationship between Justin and Cass takes a starring role. This hot hero and spunky heroine have an undeniable chemistry that hooks the reader early on and doesn't let go until the last word. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell