In a New Orleans antique shop, Vella buys a belt made of wolf's fur. When she returns home to Michigan, she's surprised to find Guy St. Simon from New Orleans on her doorstep, wanting to retrieve the belt. But Vella's daughter Kelly claims she needs it. Spending the summer with Guy and his nephew, Luis, Vella discovers things she believed were only fantasy.

Guy is certain he can help Luis and Kelly, who both suffer from the same strange malady, but things go tragically wrong. Now Guy must become something he had hoped never to become again. Will Vella be able to accept what he truly is? And when the time comes, will she be able to accept her own special qualities?

Toombs' novel is an absorbing paranormal romance. Guy and Vella are in their early 50s and still finding life adventurous. This shape-shifterwerewolf story presents some new twists to an old idea. Though the author's voice can sound contrived, it didn't bother me once the story drew me in. Werewolf fans shouldn't miss this one. (Feb., 230 pp., $10.95)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley