This middle-grade spin off to Noël’s Immortals series is fast paced and witty, as Riley sets out upon her journey of self-discovery after death. Younger readers will enjoy the life-after-death setting, and how many of us have felt like they just wanted to grow up. An entertaining start to a strong series.

After Riley dies in a car crash, life-after-death isn’t all its cracked up to be. She has a special job — soul catcher — and her first assignment is to save an ancient soul, one no one’s been able to help before. With a cute, nerdy boy as her guide, will she be able to prove herself while staying true to herself? (SQUARE FISH, Sep., 192. pp., $7.99, ISBN: 9780312629175, PB, 9 - 12)
Reviewed by: 
Kelly Brennan