When Travis Rafferty was imprisoned by the South at the end of the Civil War, he vowed to get even with the "angel" who betrayed him and his men during their escape. It's taken him two years to track down Meredith Carter.

Meredith is dealing with her own problems—after a relative's death, she is homeless and has no means to earn a living. Then she finds Rafferty in her cabin, waiting to take her to stand trial for treason. Nothing she says convinces Rafferty that she didn't betray him.

While preparing to leave, Meredith's cabin is attacked and Travis severely wounded. As a healer, Meredith must help him, even though it means her freedom. During his convalescence, Travis realizes that Meredith may be telling the truth. Now Travis must find a way to prove to himself and others that the woman he's come to love is innocent.

Ms. Burton has written a romance filled with passion and compassion, forgiveness and humor; the kind of well-written story that truly touches the heart because you can empathize with the characters.

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner