RAGE FACTOR confirms that Chris Rogers is one of the hottest new suspense authors. Be sure to check out both Bitch Factor and this terrific follow-up.

Bounty Hunter Dixie Flannigan is back in the second installment of this great new suspense series. This time, Dixie has been assigned to locate the wealthy and well-connected Lawrence Coombs, who has missed his court date. Lawrence has been accused of raping and beating several women.

Dixie has had her own violent run-in with the man while trying to apprehend him. And while she does get her man, Dixie also winds up in a cast. When Lawrences case comes to trial and he is acquitted, more than one woman in the state is outraged.

Despite her disgust with the verdict, Dixie fears more for the well-being of her friend Brenda Benson. As the prosecutor of the case, Brenda is taking its loss very personally.

When Lawrence is attacked and given a taste of his own medicine, few people shed tears. Then a woman accused of beating her young son mysteriously vanishes, and the press start to ask questions.

Is Dixie's friend mixed up with a group determined to even the score? Are they dispensing justice, vengeance or the prelude to murder?

(Mar., 312 pp., $22.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith