Image of The Raider (Highland Guard)


Image of The Raider (Highland Guard)

McCarty’s latest Highland Guard novel is a deeply moving and delightful read. Set against Robert the Bruce’s battle to evict the British from Scotland and centering on the strong love between his leading Highland warrior and an English lord’s sister, this tale is fraught with danger and surprises, once again proving that McCarty is a master storyteller.

Robert Boyd is Bruce’s enforcer. Rosalin Clifford is an English baron’s sister. When she helps her brother’s prisoner, Robbie, escape she doesn’t realize that she has fallen in love with him without even knowing his name. Six years later, Rosalin knows who Robbie is and why her brother despises him. Robbie has never forgotten her kindness during his imprisonment. Over the years, his feelings for Rosalin have grown, and his hatred of the English has become far more selective. Discovering the British were not responsible for his father’s death, he seeks out Rosalin and their relationship blossoms. Can the raider love his enemy? (BALLANTINE, Mar., 432 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin