Washington, D.C., fashion columnist Lacey Smithsonian must solve the poisoning death of a friend. Corset maker Magda Rousseau had asked her to find a lost treasure -- a missing corset lined with jewels -- and Lacey feels she must comply. Magda believed that the corset, which originally belonged to the Romanov family, was hidden in France, so Lucy travels to Paris under the guise of writing a news story.

There, she encounters some difficulties. She makes the acquaintance of an ex-KGB agent and is knocked unconscious while searching a basement. Romance heats up when Lucy's hunky boyfriend, Vic, shows up in Paris and follows her to New Orleans, where they continue to chase the elusive corset.

Byerrum's latest is a lighthearted cozy that sparkles with Lacey's fashion-advice columns and good, old-fashioned mystery. Though the plot is somewhat predictable, the writing is smooth, and the characters are suitably quirky. (Jul., 288 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick