With her second stand-alone novel, Rozan crafts a twisty thriller about urban development and political corruption. Short chapters from multiple viewpoints help ratchet up the suspense and pacing, while the crime and corruption are nicely juxtaposed with a sweetly rendered love story.

New York investigator Ann Montgomery is unsettled when she looks into a case of negligence on a construction site that resulted in a woman's death. As she inspects the high-profile building project in Harlem, she calls on her former partner, ex-con Joe Cole, for help. Joe was wrongly convicted of colluding with a construction company executive to hide negligence on a job that resulted in death three years ago.

When that same executive turns up as a supervisor on this site, the coincidences start to rack up. Soon Ann is drawn deeper into this world of payoffs, cover-ups and deception, but some political heavyweights will stop at nothing to prevent her from revealing their secrets. (DELACORTE, Jan., 400 pp., $24.00)

Reviewed by: 
Tara Gelsomino