Evaleen Murphy is a simple woman whos fought long and hard to win custody of her deceased sisters child, Theodora. Once her brother-in-law dies, shes certain her worries are overuntil she inherits the dead mans ranch and the company of his erstwhile son.

Jessie Stockton is well-known as a gambler and a ladys man. Shunned by his father for his older brothers dishonorable acts, Jessie sees his fathers death as a chance for restitution.

When he arrives to collect his inheritance, he learns he must play guardian. Both Evaleen and Jessie must learn how to live together in order to inherit their dreams: she the child, he the ranch.

Everything seems simple until Theodora disappears. Fearing that Jessies long-lost brother has kidnapped her, Evaleen and Jessie combine their forces to save her. They get more than they bargained forincluding a vengeful past, a female stalker and an unexpected love brought together by a shot-gun wedding.

Ms. Moyers tale is tried and true, but gentle readers may be offended by a rape/murder scene and the unjustified viciousness of the enemy. SENSUAL (On-sale Feb., 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black