Image of Raine: The Lords of Satyr


Image of Raine: The Lords of Satyr

Fans of the first Lords of Satyr book, Nicholas, will not be disappointed with the second installment. The sex scenes are varied and well written, and the heroine's unusual physical features add a spicy element to this hot read. It's also nice to revisit Nicholas and Jane, and the backstory is woven in so skillfully that newcomers to the trilogy will forget that this is a sequel. Amber has done another fine job of blending good storytelling, excellent sex and happily-ever-after romance.

Now that his brother Nicholas has found and married the half-faerie daughter of the deceased King Feydon, it's Raine's turn to find a mate. Several problems arise, however: Raine's previous marriage ended in disaster, and he's not interested in repeating the same mistake; his intended bride, Jordan, has been accused of her mother's murder; and someone very close to the couple is threatening the magical Satyr lands. Fortunately, Raine and Jordan's love for each other can overcome all obstacles. (Aphrodisia, Mar., 256 pp., $12.95)
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Rhomylly Forbes