Image of Raising Kane (Rough Riders)


Image of Raising Kane (Rough Riders)

James never disappoints with her tales of the McKay and West families. There is such bonhomie among the members of this family, it’s so easy to feel right at home. She writes great sex, wonderful characters and an amazing story.

Kane McKay is best known for his antics with his twin and cousins in their wild days. But he’s settled down now and works hard on his ranch. For two years he’s been a part of the Big Buddies/Little Buddies program mentoring Hayden Paulson — and keeping his hands off Hayden’s mama, Ginger. When she takes a tumble down a flight of stairs and is laid up for a few days needing some “hands-on” care, Kane’s her man. At first he keeps it impersonal until he realizes she hungers for him as much as he does her. Complicating matters is her father, who lives with her and is wheelchair bound. Both Kane and Ginger are strong-willed individuals, so will she let him dominate in the bedroom? (SAMHAIN, May, 256 pp., $15.00)
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Donna M. Brown