Image of Raising the Stakes


Image of Raising the Stakes

RAISING THE STAKES (3) by Wendy Etherington: At 35, brainy math nerd Evie Winters returns home to help her grieving mother cope with a family crisis while lending her accounting skills to the struggling FastMax Racing team. She doesn't expect playboy Jared Hunt, her unrequited first love and longtime friend, to still have the power to set her heart aflutter. She's even more surprised when Jared tells her he now wants more from her than just friendship. But will Evie's task of cutting costs, such as Jared's high-priced engine-building services, and her mother's erratic behavior keep their relationship from progressing to the next level? Although the attraction between the hero and heroine is genuine, this predictable story lacks sufficient tension between the characters.

Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Madan