Image of Rajmund: Vampires In America (Volume 3)


Image of Rajmund: Vampires In America (Volume 3)

The third installment in the Vampires in America series boasts an über-sexy vampire lord, an intriguing heroine and red-hot sensuality. This fascinating story will grab you from the beginning and draw you into its dark mystery.

When Sarah Stratton travels from Buffalo to Manhattan to meet her friend Cyn for the weekend, she’s introduced to Rajmund Gregor, not realizing their paths would cross again. Raj controls New York City, but is he strong enough to seize power from his maker, the Vampire Lord Krystof, who has summoned him to Buffalo? Several girls are missing and the police believe their disappearance is the work of vampires. Raj arrives to discover his master deteriorating into madness, but he’s not deceived into believing Krystof can be easily overcome. The police investigation brings Raj and Sarah together and their attraction is potent, but he can tell she is withholding something from him that is vitally important. Then a player from her past puts Sarah’s life in danger. (IMAJINN, 2010, 260 pp., $16.00)

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