Image of Rake with a Frozen Heart


Image of Rake with a Frozen Heart

Kaye’s new romance is the story of an earl, a governess and their quest to catch a thief. The characters are likable, but the story is predictable, the mystery sparse and the events wrong for the time period.

Rafe St. Alban, Earl of Pentland, is a renowned rake. Women keep throwing themselves at him — but he’s never found one in a ditch before! All governess Henrietta Markham remembers is stumbling upon a housebreaker. Rafe rescues the intriguing beauty, then sends her home. When Henrietta is accused of theft, she runs off before she is jailed and hides in the first carriage bound for London — Rafe’s. He demands a kiss for rescuing her yet again. Both are shocked by the uncontrollable passion they feel, and Rafe insists on uniting forces to catch the real culprit. (HARLEQUIN, April, 288 pp., $6.25)
Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer