Image of The Rake to Ruin Her


Image of The Rake to Ruin Her

Justiss begins a new series about a group of cousins known as the Ransleigh Rogues, notorious rakes followed by scandal. Book one is outrageous and refreshingly inventive, with a lady in distress, an available rogue and a marriage of convenience for all. Justiss encapsulates the period, language and mores of the Regency era with great skill.

“Magnificent Max” Ransleigh, once the darling of society with a brilliant political career, now mourns the loss of his sterling reputation. Miss Caroline Denby schemes to ruin hers, and what better way than to find a rake willing to debauch her? When Max turns up at the house party she attends, Caroline sees it as a sign and propositions him. Max is appalled, but intrigued by her disarming candor and devious mind. He rejects her proposal, but soon lands in the role of her knight errant and husband. (HARLEQUIN, Mar., 281 pp., $6.25)
Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer