The highly gifted Elisabeth Fairchild moves from triumph to triumph as she brings us yet another superbly original love story for our reading pleasure.

Jack Ramsay is seemingly beyond redemption. In a single night he gambles away the family fortune and shoots his best friend. How can he ever raise his head in decent society again?

With tradesman pounding on his door and only a few coins in his pocket, Jack finds himself forced to accept employment with a wealthy cit to tutor his daughter Selina on a musical instrument. Indeed, the opportunity to indulge himself in his beloved music is at least some compensation for his current dire circumstances.

To his surprise, however, Selina Preston is no empty-headed nitwit. An artist in her own right, the lady displays a rare insight into his troubled soul. Is it possible that he has found the one woman for him? And, if he has, what can he possibly have to offer her?

Ms. Fairchild writes with a wonderfully rich texture, delving deeply into a uniquely bonded pair of lovers you'll never forget. Another great chapter in the Ramsay saga; another great reading experience. (Feb., 223 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer