Gail Eastwood offers readers a long-awaited treat with her newest title, THE RAKE'S MISTAKE. Lord Ramsdale, a semi-reformed rake, is determined to keep scandal at bay in order to please his family. This is easier said than done when he is captivated by the notorious Lady Wetherell, a beautiful young widow whose every action is fodder for the scandal mill.

Ramsdale attempts to woo the widow by befriending her stepson and sharing her interest in art. His motives evolve into something more noble as he gets to know the lady better. Lady Wetherell's scandalous past prevents her from taking her proper place in society, but her budding relationship with Ramsdale offers her new hope.

When one of Ramsdale's prize paintings shows unmistakable signs of being a forgery and her father is the most likely suspect, the two are thrust into the middle of a dangerous mystery that could ruin everything she holds dear.

Gail Eastwood has once again proven herself an ingenious storyteller, creating sympathetic characters who are full of live and vitality. (Nov., 224 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Teresa Roebuck