In this third novel of her Bluestocking Brides series, Cornick brings Lord Lucas Kestrel to London to investigate the engraved glasses used by the Midwinter spies for the French to send coded messages.

Miss Rebecca Raleigh, a gifted engraver whose background is full of secrets, now runs her uncle's engraving studio. In her struggles to make a living after her uncle's death, she must accept a commission from the infamous Archangel Club and ward off offers to become any rake's mistress.

Lucas orders a set of his own glasses and decides to get close to Rebecca. His investigation tangles with the intense attraction both feel, but it becomes clear that the coded engravings originated in Rebecca's studio. Although she's sure Lucas has seduced her only to gain information, Rebecca agrees to travel to Midwinter to help catch the spies.

A high-action, sexually charged novel of manners, this book will leave readers hoping that Cornick continues the entertainment by writing a novel that tells the love story of Rebecca's privateer brother Daniel and his beloved Molly. SENSUAL (Sep, 296 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger