Image of The Rake's Redemption (Love Inspired Historical)


Image of The Rake's Redemption (Love Inspired Historical)

THE RAKE’S REDEMPTION (4.5) by Regina Scott: Vaughn Everard is singleminded in his desire to discover if the Marquis of Widmore was involved in his uncle’s death. To that end, he cultivates the acquaintance of the marquis’s daughter, Imogene Devary. Imogene agrees, as she is curious about her father’s strange behavior. As more questions than answers arise, Vaughn and Imogene work together, but for different purposes — one to prove Widmore innocent, one to prove him guilty. With well-drawn characters and a respectable mystery, this third entry in the Everard Legacy brings alive the London of 1805, when wigs and powder were on the way out and war with Napoleon loomed.

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley