The Cynsters are back and it's time for Vane Cynster to meet his match in a woman as independent and spirited as he is. So named because he never knows which way the wind is blowing, one thing Vane knows is that he doesn't want to marry.

Patience Debbington manages her own life and that of her adolescent brother, Gerrard, quite well. She doesn't trust men and has little use for love, but she knows Gerrard needs a mentor. When Vane rescues her from a terrible fall, everything she once believed begins to change.

All Vane wants is shelter from a storm, not a young woman with lush curves and an independent streak that tempts him to try and conquer her.

When Gerrard is suspected of being the phantom outlaw, Patience accepts Vane's help in clearing her brother's name and unmasking the bandit. Together they embark upon solving the mystery and with a little matchmaking they discover a love that tests their vows to remain unwed.

Here's another delightful, sensual, irresistible romance from one of the freshest voices of the genre. With plenty of excitement, romance and charming characters, A RAKE'S VOW is a certain keeper. SENSUAL (Oct., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin