The term "feisty" definitely applies to this story's heroine, who argues with the hero throughout. Although this might seem tiresome for some, it provides a thread of humor. Though the story feels like a Regency romance template, the characters are well developed and the plot moves quickly.

After returning from Waterloo, Lucian St. Claire establishes his reputation as a rake. He keeps his emotions locked away; he has no desire to have anyone he cares about witness the brutal nightmares he suffers every night.

When he's introduced to Grace Hetherington, the ward of his friend, the Duke of Carlyne, he accidentally stumbles into her bedroom after drinking too much. Grace, thinking he's a criminal, knocks him unconscious. When they are discovered in the same room the following morning, St. Claire does the only honorable thing: propose. But Grace has no plans to marry a total stranger, and a renowned rake at that! (HARLEQUIN, Nov., 273 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Linda Roberts