Image of Rampant


Image of Rampant

Imaginative, sizzling-
hot and by turns creepy and humorous, this one
is definitely not to be missed. Hero Grayson is simply delicious -- and
like the book, irresistible!

A vacation in a Scottish village sounds heavenly to busy P.A. Zoe Daniels, and the place is beautiful. But from the moment she arrives, Zoë isn't in control of anything, particularly her libido. There are gorgeous men aplenty to choose from if she's looking for a lover, but her neighbor, motorcycle-riding professor Grayson Murdoch, is the one to catch her eye.

In time, Grayson reveals what may be the reason for Zoë's increasingly rampant sexual appetite -- the cottage she's renting once belonged to Annabel McGraw, an 18th-century witch who liked the lads and whose spirit is rumored to inhabit those who visit. But Grayson suspects that a powerful warlock who was once Annabel's lover intends to actually make Zoë the vessel for the resurrected witch. (SPICE, Apr., 368 pp., $13.95)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer