Image of The Rancher and the Vet


Image of The Rancher and the Vet
THE RANCHER AND THE VET (4) by Julie Benson: Reed Montgomery had good reasons for fleeing his family ranch for San Francisco and leaving behind a brokenhearted Avery McAlister — mainly a drunken and abusive father. Then his brother Colt is deployed to Afghanistan, and he needs to return to the Rocking M to care for his teenage niece. Reed comes back home, only to run into the family vet, Avery. She hasn’t forgotten the hurt Reed inflicted when he broke off their romance, but she also can’t help but lend a hand when trying to raise a teenage girl almost gets the better of him. Readers are going to enjoy watching Reed find out, with Avery’s help, that the man he is doesn’t depend on the man his father was.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper