Image of Rancher to the Rescue


Image of Rancher to the Rescue

RANCHER TO THE RESCUE (4.5) by Jennifer Faye: Former rodeo champion Cash Sullivan spots TV cooking show star Meghan Finnegan hightailing it out of the church on what’s supposed to be her wedding day. It seems to be more than just a case of cold feet, so he whisks her to safety, away from the paparazzi. Meghan explains that her boss thought it would be great publicity for her rising television career for the hometown girl to marry a millionaire — who turned out to be a creep. Cash offers a place to stay at his ranch until things calm down. But Meghan is pregnant, refuses to face the press and is getting a little too comfortable being Cash’s roommate. Fun, quirky and romantic, Faye’s tale moves along without a hitch, with an original storyline and solid characters.

Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi