Image of The Rancher's Bride (The Trueblood Dynasty)


Image of The Rancher's Bride (The Trueblood Dynasty)

Rachel Blair was about to have it all. She was marrying the man she had wanted for so many years, Max Santana. Everything should have been perfect. But there were things from her past haunting her, and she wasn't certain that even Max would understand, so she takes off on her wedding day. Max couldn't believe he'd been left at the altar. Unable to let go of the woman he loves, he turns to Finders Keepers for help in locating Rachel. And when he does, the next step is to convince her that her problems can be better solved by the two of them working together. Tara Taylor Quinn masterfully tackles the tough subject of the aftermath of date rape and pregnancy in THE RANCHER'S BRIDE (4.5), a poignant love story that will grip readers, while still furthering the continuing stories in this engaging series. (#011)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson