Her life ruined by the cruel intent of the man she was to marry, Audra Garrison flees her Wyoming home for a teaching job in Texas. Living with her strict aunt, she must keep her respectable position in order to make a new life for herself.

Then along comes Handy Jack Harwood, a confidence man of the first order, though he never gambles on anything more serious than cards. When a secret game ends in an accident for the towns only storekeep, Jack feels its his duty to help the man out. That, and hes got a pocketful of credit to use up.

Audra must avoid Jack if shes to earn the right to return home. Yet his kindness and charm win her loyalty even before a shocking scandal fractures the town and they must work together to save an innocent woman.

During Jack and Audras struggle to love freely, the author adeptly weaves in a secondary story of forbidden love. Ms. Jocks poignant novel reminds us all that love is love, no matter who or why or where. Compelling characters and rich description add up to a savory read in this universal, bi-racial story! SWEET (Mar., 360 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black