Image of Rancher's Deadly Risk


Image of Rancher's Deadly Risk

RANCHER’S DEADLY RISK (3) by Rachel Lee: Cassie Greaves is content with her life as a high school teacher in her new town. After witnessing a kid being bullied, Cassie forms an anti-bullying program with the help of the handsome football coach Lincoln Blair, to combat the problem. Cassie has noticed the gorgeous yet reserved football coach who seems unapproachable. Lincoln is eager to work with Cassie on getting the program going, yet his attraction to the pretty teacher makes him afraid to get too close. Then Cassie begins to receive dangerous threats, and their getting closer becomes inevitable. Lee’s fresh plot skillfully introduces serious topics into a romantic story, but the book’s slow pace makes it challenging to stay hooked.

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates