Image of The Rancher's Homecoming


Image of The Rancher's Homecoming
THE RANCHER’S HOMECOMING (4) by Cathy McDavid: When the Hennessey family inn burned to the ground, Annie Hennessey lost her home and her heritage. Nine years later, Sam Wyler’s return to Sweetheart, Nev., just complicates matters. Now widowed, Sam purchases the ranch Annie longed to buy. He is determined to help rebuild the town and wants Annie’s help, but his past betrayal stands in the way. Annie’s independent nature balks at taking any help from him — with the inn, her family or her love life. This first in McDavid’s Sweetheart, Nevada, trilogy depicts the tragic destruction left in the wake of wildfires. Yet good comes from the loss as the heroine discovers the past is not always what it seems.
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley