Image of Rancher's Refuge (Love Inspired)


Image of Rancher's Refuge (Love Inspired)
RANCHER’S REFUGE (4) by Linda Goodnight: Most people believe that prayers spoken under Whisper Falls are guaranteed to come true. Rancher Austin Blackwell thinks it is nonsense. He meets Annalisa Keller at the falls and, despite her denial, believes she is running from someone. While he prefers to be alone, Austin cannot stop himself from helping the injured Annalisa. Austin assumes that Annalisa will not want to be near him when she learns his secret, which comes to light when Annalisa’s abusive ex-boyfriend arrives in town. Will Annalisa return to her ex in order to protect Austin? Goodnight’s beautiful descriptions stand in sharp contrast to the horrors of abusive relationships, as her characters learn to heal in this touching tale.
Reviewed by: 
Leslie McKee