Image of Random Acts


Image of Random Acts

Romantic suspense fans, hold onto your hats because Stone evokes a whirlwind of emotions from the moment her book begins. This engaging story with a tough-as-nails heroine kicks off with a mystery readers will want to sink their teeth into, and the vast array of characters helps it all come together. Though a bit vague at times, Stone’s story is still easy to follow and so good it’s terrifying.

Lawyer Danielle Carson had her heart broken as a teenager, and her mother didn’t exactly have the knack of choosing the greatest guys either. Danielle figures it must run in the family, and her bad luck with romance prompts her to focus on her career. She is brought back to her hometown of Buffalo, N.Y., when she is notified her sister was in a horrific car accident. Patrick Kingsley, the boy who crushed Danielle’s vision of love 15 years ago, is now widowed with a daughter, and he happens to be very involved in her sister’s case since he works for the local police department. Despite the passage of years, the spark between Patrick and Danielle reignites — but Danielle senses Patrick knows more about her sister than he’s telling her when she learns the accident was a cover up for a vicious beating. Abandoned by her alcoholic mother and now her first love, Danielle sees no good reason to hang onto her faith. Patrick is the only man who can bring a ray of hope back into her life for good, but is he up to the task? (SAMHAIN, Mar., 224 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi