Image of Random Acts of Kindness


Image of Random Acts of Kindness

Higgins’ latest wonderful, page-turning novel further confirms her status as a master storyteller. Her narrative beautifully chronicles the relationships and adventures of former friends with a heady mix of belly-deep laughter, tears and empathy. Higgins offers a close, poignant perspective of the characters, places, emotions and things that populate her novel, all while telling a fabulous story. The intersection of her characters’ lives is outstanding, and readers will get a glimpse of tales to come.

Three high school friends who haven’t laid eyes on each other in a number of years, all at a crossroads in their lives, suddenly find themselves car-mates on a cross-country road trip. Jenna, the shy misfit whose world is quietly falling apart; Claire, the bohemian whose search for answers has her asking more questions; and Nicole, the life coach whose own life is chaotically spinning of control, are all attempting to recapture something of who they were. But is it possible to go home again? (GRAND CENTRAL, Apr., 368 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt