Blu Cahill, Texas Ranger, is distracted when a whisper from an alley attracts his attention. Delana Wyatt needs his help in getting out of town before she is forced to marry against her will. Blu, always ready to help a person in need, agrees to hear her out, and that's when the trouble begins. He'll help her if she agrees to pose as his wife first, enabling him to more easily fit into the town where he is investigating a gang who is cutting barbed wire.

Delana agrees because she feels safe with Blu and she knows that like her, he has no interest in marriage. Yet the sexual tension between them jumps off the page.

Once they set up housekeeping, Delana finds she has to learn her way around the kitchen when she'd much rather learn her way around the bedroom. Blu's past haunts him and only through Delana's love does he come to understand his true, honest and good nature.

Ms. Harte has written a sexually charged romance brimming over with strong characters. Delana is a woman ahead of her time, outspoken and independent, while Blu is able to acknowledge that a woman can be a partner. With secondary characters providing humor, this is a most enjoyable read, showing the reader another side of frontier life. Blu and Delana's relationship steams up the pages and will warm you on cool autumn nights. SENSUAL (Oct., 368 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner