Charlotte Greenfield is on her way to the Paiute reservation when her wagon is attacked by the Sioux. She's rescued by Ranger Will Bondurant, who is wounded in the process. Will knows she's a greenhorn but is impressed at how Charlotte cleans his wound. When he discovers she can't rejoin her wagon train, he volunteers to guide her to Oregon.

Charlotte agrees to his condition that she travel as "Charlie." Will doesn't ask for anything, he orders, which doesn't sit well with her. Adding to the trip's difficulties is the fact that Charlotte owns a mine and is being hunted by men who want her map.

Will is attracted to Charlotte and tries to keep his distance, but she won't allow it. Their attraction grows until they are no longer able to deny it. Will plans to leave her in Oregon and continue in his quest to find a killer. Only after his mission is accomplished does he return to find that Charlotte has been kidnapped. Will he be in time to save her?

In this fast-paced, adventure-filled story, Charlotte grows from a greenhorn to a true western woman, and Will changes from an angry man to a happy one filled with love. SENSUAL (Oct., 300 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager