Piper Sullivan is so desperate to escape her overbearing father that she disguises herself as a crotchety old widow and boards a coach for her sister's at Fort Stockton. But now she has another problem: She must put up with the ruggedly handsome gambler sharing her coach.

Texas ranger Quinn Callahan is out to capture the Knights of the Gold Circle gang when he's stuck riding with a hag. When their coach is held up by the Knights, Piper's sassy mouth puts them on a runaway coach.

That's only the beginning of their wild ride as Finch's hardheaded characters square off against each other and the robbers in another exciting, sexy western romp from one of the best of the genre. Finch delivers her signature humor, along with a big dose of colorful Texas history, in a love and laughter romp. SENSUAL (Apr., 304 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin