At thirty-five, a lawyer discovers that his whole life is based on a lie. He'd been kidnapped at three years of age from a wealthy southern family, and it was time to go home. Now someone wants him dead and help comes from a photographer who was in the nursery with him the night of the crime. Amanda Stevens' enticing series ends this month with THE LONG-LOST HEIR (4H), a wonderful tale rich in suspense.

Waking in the hospital after a car accident, a young woman is devastated to learn that her infant son was killed. Now the man she'd spent one blissful month with is there looking for information on the child he didn't know he had, and he's sure the child is still alive. Tina Vasilos draws readers immediately into an exciting mystery with NICK'S CHILD (4).

They'd spent one night together, and then his brother's death changed everything. Now, five years later, she needs his help getting her daughter back from kidnappers. The two join forces to recover a child he doesn't know is his. Gayle Wilson's sense of high adventure makes RANSOM MY HEART (3) a thrilling read.

Working undercover, he's been hired by a criminal to find a criminal. She doesn't know who this man is, or why trouble seems to be following the two of them everywhere they go. Each must sort fact from fiction in their first impressions. Alice Orr has a well developed story in HEAT OF PASSION (2), though heavy narrative sections cause it to drag.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson