Image of Ransom My Heart


Image of Ransom My Heart

Princess Mia (The Princess Diaries) is publishing her first historical romance, based on family history (or not). With the same irreverence and charming humor present in her young-adult novels, Cabot brings a modern twist to an historical era. Those seeking the classic historical, beware, but readers who enjoy a fun romp, rejoice.

Finnula Crais, the miller's daughter, must abduct the first wealthy knight she can find and hold him for ransom to raise the money for her sister's dowry. Saddlebags bulging with treasure, Sir Hugo Fitzstephen is returning from the Crusades when he's unexpectedly lured off the road by a bathing beauty who promptly takes him captive. He's intrigued by the weapon-wielding Finn and plays along with her game.

Finn has little use for marriage, but she's not beyond being attracted to her prisoner or becoming his lover. Everything goes according to plan until they reach Finn's home, where Hugo's true identity as the Lord of Stephensgate is revealed. But Hugo isn't the only one hiding the truth. Finn has secrets too. When they wed they become targets for a ruthless killer and only their love can save the day. (Avon A, Jan., 402 pp., $13.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin