Treachery from within threatens the Shadowdwellers in chapter two of this new series. The steamy passion Frank is known for takes on an educational edge as the abused heroine discovers her powers. The spicy sex is punctuated with deadly danger, making this one hot read.

Having been horribly betrayed by his previous handmaiden, warrior priest Magnus is somewhat reluctant to take on someone new. But a promise made in dreamscape must be honored, so he brings abused slave Daenaira to sanctuary. While Dae's life has not prepared her for the opulence of her new world, it has prepared her for the treachery beneath the surface. She has a warrior's heart and does not back down -- even when butting heads with the legendary Magnus. That spunk will be vital when Magnus' enemies set their plans in motion. (ZEBRA, Jul., 394 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith