Image of Raspberry Sherbet Kisses


Image of Raspberry Sherbet Kisses
Raspberry Sherbet Kisses (4.5), by Ellyn Bache, is irresistible and a completely original story. LilyRose Sheffield is arrested when she hits a woman in her store with a gift basket. She traces the roots of her problems to an event 12 years before, when she revealed that she has synesthesia, a condition that links the senses. Her boyfriend tells her she's a freak, and from then on LilyRose hides what she feels is a secret that brings rejection. Her arrest frees other secrets and brings her to someone who shows her how to embrace her uniqueness. Written in the first and third person, Bache's novel has totally original characters. It bubbles with unexpected details, sparkles with humor and has an emotionally satisfying ending.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor