Raven McCloud Spencer is not sorry her gambler husband is dead. Now she can buy her brother, Tory, his dream ranch. She just doesnt tell him how she got the money. Her dead husband sold her to Chance McGruder for the nightand what a night it was! Raven learned what making love really was.

Chance cant believe that the beautiful Raven is not in his bed. When he discovers shes gone, hes furious. But these two volatile people are destined to meet again and they soon discover their ranches abut one another. Chance is angry with himself that hes let a woman into his life, and takes out his anger on Raven with nasty words. Yet they are still drawn to one another in bed.

When Tory finds the lovers, he forces them to marry. Although she loves him, Raven thinks Chance doesnt love her since he cant bring himself to say so.

One misunderstanding after another occurs and Raven flees. When Chance and Raven finally find each other again, Tory comes up with a plan that will either make or break the marriage.

Ms. Hess has again written a steamy love story about two stubborn people who just cant admit their deepest feelings. Shes created so many interesting secondary characters and subplots that this book moves along as fast as a herd of buffalo. Theres evil, laughter, sexy romance, earthy delights and a cast of characters to keep the reader turning the pages. I certainly did. SENSUAL (Nov., z391 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner