Following the Alexander sisters introduced in Scandal in Silver, Sandra Chastain brings us Raven's story, a tale of mysterious lost Spanish treasure and wild adventures.

After her Irish father's death, Raven returns to her mother's Arapaho village where she dreams of a golden cougar who is the raven's protector. Upon his deathbed, her grandfather charges Raven with locating a hidden treasure and saving her people from death.

After an unpleasant run-in with a band of Mexican outlaws, Tucker Farrell seeks shelter in a cave. When he wakes, he is shocked to find a beautiful woman asleep beside him. Though he has never fancied himself a hero, Tucker finds himself unable to resist accompanying Raven on her quest.

Though they are followed by the ruthless bandits and a band of renegade Indians, as well as a newspaper reporter, Raven and Tucker are guided by an unseen hand toward the treasure and to a love that is passionate and strong. They will confront grave dangers to find their destiny.

Sandra Chastain's readers will enjoy Raven and Tucker' many escapades, and though not a humorous romp, this high adventure romance provides a wonderful evening's read and a delightful story to savor. SENSUAL (July, 293 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin