Image of The Raven Prince


Image of The Raven Prince

With its delicious blend
of fairy tale and reality The Raven Prince is refreshing, fast-paced and sensual romance dishing up plenty of tempting thoughts of desire. You'll adore Hoyt's intelligent characters and their spicy dialogue as much as the heated love scenes. Watch for this author soar
to stardom.

Penniless widow Anna Wren bravely takes a position as the cantankerous Earl of Swartingham's secretary. Edward de Raaf has run off several good men so it might be time for a woman to try and tame the beast.

From the first instant, the attraction between them is palpable and the sexual tension escalates with their verbal sparring. Anna forces Edward to feel again when she brings a homeless dog home. Then there's the soiled dove she takes in to recuperate from a beating. Every one of her actions fascinates him while Anna is falling in love with Edward. When she discovers he's headed to London's infamous brothel, Aphrodite Grotto, she disguises herself, enters the brothel and lives out her fantasy to be Edward's for one night. It is an experience more wonderful then either of them could imagine, but can they go back to their normal lives? And what would happen should someone discover Anna's secret? (Warner, Nov., 384 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin