When Sara Walvern sees Ravencliff for the first time she wonders what kind of man would rescue her from debtors' prison, marry her by proxy and then bring her to his isolated manor. Nicholas Walvern is neither old nor deformed. In fact, the baron exudes virility, strength and passion. He could have his choice of brides, unless the rumor of a curse is true.

Nicholas is attracted to Sara, but he hides his emotions, knowing he can never risk sharing her love or her bed. Only his faithful wolflike dog, Nero, enters her room to sleep beside her. Not content to wait for Nicholas to make the first move, Sara attempts to draw him out, unaware of the danger she faces as she begins to unravel the Walvern's dark secret.

With its delicious Gothic overtones, haunting suspense and thrilling climax, Thompson's tale sends just the right amount of chills down your spine, though paranormal readers (and even Harry Potter fans) will not be surprised to uncover the Walvern curse. Thompson creates such appealing characters that you'll be hooked. SENSUAL (Sep., 380 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin