Another author sets out to make her mark in urban fantasy by launching an edgy supernatural series with a noteworthy take on hell. Both the premise and the characters in the Dark Forgotten series are intriguing and darkly entertaining -- not to mention sexy. Ashwood is definitely making herself right at home in this genre.

Holly Carver is a hereditary witch who's ghostbusting for tuition money. A childhood accident damaged Holly's magic, making it painful for her to tap into her most powerful spells. Luckily, she gets business assistance from sexy vampire Alessandro Caravelli.

A haunted-house case turns into much more when Holly and Alessandro discover a link to murder victims and demon summonings. Someone is trying to open a demon portal; discovering who and why will lead Holly and Alessandro into a frightening ancient feud.

(SIGNET ECLIPSE, Feb., 325 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith