Someone has been trying to kill Ashton, Lord Ravensby, so when his coach is attacked by highwaymen, he fights back, killing the leader and capturing his accomplice. Much to Ash's surprise his prisoner is a young woman.

Glenys Shea rode with her father, never expecting they would meet danger. Now she and her brother are Lord Ravensby's captives. But Glenys is clever, outspoken, wise and a daredevil. If she's to stay with Ravensby, she's going to turn his life upside down.

Since his wife's death and the attempts on his life, Ash has retreated from society and built a wall of ice around his heart. Only a woman with as much warmth and vitality as Glenys can begin to melt his defenses. When she comes up with a plan to ferret out the killers, Ash reluctantly agrees, praying Glenys will not be in danger.

Already in love with Ash and brazen enough to tempt fate and innocently seduce him, Glenys wins his love. However, by becoming his betrothed she places herself at risk. Abducted and left to die, Glenys knows Ash will come to the rescue and together they will vanquish his enemies.

Lynn Kerstan has taken a typical murder/mystery and turned it upside down and inside out as she adds humor, engaging characters and her own special brand of romance. This original, thoroughly enjoyable tale ensures Ms. Kerstan a place as one of the new shining lights of historical romance. SENSUAL (May, 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin