Running away from her abusive father, Cara Tarkanov is rescued from captivity by Tlingit warrior Tall Dancer. He sees her at a potlatch (party) and he decides to bring her to the Russian fort. But first he must complete his vow and return home with food for his mother and marry the woman chosen as his bride.

Even before they reach Tall Dancers village, their desire overcomes logic and they become lovers, knowing they will part once they reach Tall Dancers home.

Cara stays with his mother, who treats her like a daughter. Tall Dancer is unhappy locked in a marriage that is in name only. Cara, miserable and believing he no longer loves her, is glad to be returning to the fort.

When they are attacked on their journey, Tall Dancers wife is captured by a band of Russians. His attempt to rescue her throws him into an Indian War, where he and Cara become trapped between love, duty, battles and grave danger, always just one step ahead of trouble and her villainous fatherthe Butcher.

RAVENS BRIDE is an interesting and very different Indian romance. The locale is unusual and it is obvious Ms. Fox has done a great deal of research into the language, customs and mores of the Tlingit. There is so much action and adventure that readers may become breathless and feel enough is enough and that the story could end sooner. SENSUAL (Dec., 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager