In an act of desperation to save her twin brother from death at the hands of the English, Mhairi Macrea becomes an outlaw. She accosts the new border officer, hoping to steal the papers that condemn her brother.

Rowan Scott, once a Scots bandit, has "reformed." Now he has been appointed to keep the English law, but a slip of a Scots girl manages to knock him unconscious before he can even take his post.

Though Mhairi holds Rowan captive, he soon steals her heart just as her courage and loyalty win his respect and passion. But Rowan has pledged to bring Mhairi to justice. Torn between his growing love for her and his newfound loyalty to the crown, he is plunged into unimagined dangers.

Together he and Mhairi travel along the borders in search of the truth about her brother, uncovering along the way many mysteries and intrigues centering on Rowan's own dark past, a strange cache of Spanish gold and a priceless treasure known as The Raven's Moon.

With everything from midnight riders to Scottish trials, with danger and passion at every turn and even a touch of the paranormal, THE RAVEN'S MOON is a wonderfully dark and delectable read. Susan King evokes the lowlands as few writers have-with all the passion, intrigue, mystery and beauty of the land-and tells a unique, well-crafted romance. SENSUAL (Feb., 384 pp.,$5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin