Bradford will delight
readers with this simply captivating series debut novel. It's filled with romance, suspense and intrigue, and the richly detailed characters come vibrantly alive as
expert pacing captures your attention from the very first page.

In an updated version of 15th-century England's War of the Roses, Bradford brings the story to early 20th- century England. The wealthy, aristocratic Deravenel family is dealt a stunning blow when father and son are killed in a fire. Edward, the eldest surviving Deravenel male, is convinced that his father's cousin Henry Grant had his brother and father killed for reasons relating to the family's import and export company. Edward enlists the help of his cousin Neville Watkins, who also lost a father and brother in the fire, to exact revenge against the Grants for their part in the murders.

As Edward plans to retake control of the company, he engages in various love affairs and eventually marries. But his family loyalty never wavers as he continues to provide protection and support for his mother and siblings. (St. Martin's, Jan., 496 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick